• Full color CMYK temporary tattoo print on the front
  • The back will contain instructions for application with an additional option of customized text for your website, social media account, etc. (Max: two lines)
  • Options for a white underbase at no additional charge
  • Turn time is 8-12 business days

Temporary Tattoos are an inventive way to promote your art/brand. They're great as handouts for conventions, free gifts for your customers' orders, and even as a standalone product. 

White Underbase:

We offer three different options for a white underbase. These techniques will yield a different result when applied onto the skin: Please see the example above for a visual reference. 

  • No Underbase: The white portions of the tattoo will be the color of your skin, and the colors will appear semi-transparent.
  • Spot White: The white portions of the tattoo will be bright white with no skin color showing through, and the colors will be semitransparent.
  • Flood White: The entire tattoo will have an underbase. This will make any white portions bright white, and all colors will be opaque and brighter. 

Temporary tattoos typically last at least 3-5 days. The length of time may vary, depending on how and where it is applied. To make the most out of your tattoo, be sure to apply it to clean, dry skin that is free of oil, lotion or make-up. Try to choose a smooth, hair-free area of skin that doesn’t crease or stretch when you move.

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