We now print on an Epson Sure Color P9000 10 Color Giclée printer with lightfast archival pigments.

Available on 3 types of high-quality, acid-free cotton papers as well as stretched and rolled canvas. Custom papers available on request.

For A Smooth Finish:  EPSON Hot Press Bright White is an acid-free, 100% cotton rag inkjet paper with a bright smooth finish. This 17 mil, 330gsm paper has an extremely-high color gamut and black density, prefect for digital artists, illustrators and photographers looking for a smooth fine art finish. This is a replacement for our Smooth Touch Cotton Rag.

For A Textured Toothy Finish:  EPSON Cold Press Bright White is an acid free, 100% cotton rag paper with a bright white, textured surface. This 21 mil, 340gsm paper has an extremely-high color gamut and black density perfect for tattooers, artists and photographers looking for a bright white, textured surface.  This is a replacement for our Albrect Durer / German Etching / & Velvet Rag.  The tooth is almost idental to the German Etching paper we used to use. 

For A Silky Velvet Finish:  Somerset® has always been the first paper choice among serious artists and printmakers since the 1700s and the days of handmade paper.  Somerset Velvet  is a 100% cotton, acid-free paper with a silky finish that feel like a vevet painting. Somerset delivers long-lasting prints and is great for photography and digital illustrations.


We offer 3 options to color correct your art prints.  Please keep in mind that at best Giclée prints will be about 98% true to the color of the original artwork.  Here is how its done:

1.  Let Mindzai do it - Our computer monitors are calibrated as well as all our papers profiled to our printers color gambit.  We will print a test swatch compare it to what we see on OUR monitor and make the appropriate adjustments to dial the color in.  Keep in mind if you send us a bad scan or if you did some poor color editing on your end, we are only going to be able to match it to what we see on our state of the art equipment.  There is no charge for this service.

2.  We email you printed proofs - We do step 1 above, print a proof, email it do you, and you give us a list of adjustments you would like to see on your end.  We charge $75 an hour for this service and it can take between a half hour to 2 hours of work.

3.  We mail you printed proofs - We do steps 1 and 2 above but mail you a printed proof instead of email.  Again we charge $75 an hour and $25 per proof we print and mail.  Keep in mind we print all proofs at a reduced size or just a test strip of your art to save on printing expenses and shipping costs.

4.  You mail us your original and we do steps 1 & 2 above with the original that we can referrence as we do the color matching.  This also cost $75 an hour and can take up to 2 hours.  Keep in mind if you ship us your originals to insure them for full value and let us know what to ensure them for when we return them to you.  Additional shipping and handling fees may apply.

If you select option 1, 2, or 3 above a cell phone pic of your artwork in natural lighing can help us dial in the color much quicker.  There is an option to upload a cell phone referrence photo on the product page.


We offer high quality scanning services at our Austin print shop.  Our scanner can scan up to 24x36, but if you have bigger originals we have a professional photo booth for archiving projects. For out of state clients, we recommend getting your originals scanned at a local blueprint shop. If one is not available or convenient to you, you can ship us your original art work and we will ship it back with your order.

Scanning services available for $50 per original.
Full size proofs available at $25sqft
Color matching available for $75hr.

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