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Mindzai Creative

Screen Printing


High-Quality Custom Screen Printing

If you want solid screen printing, with customer service that can't be beat, look no further! With an automatic press and thorough understanding of screen printing, we can offer competitive pricing with quality that you can trust every time.

Each order is custom, and we can help guide you to the right type of printing. If you know what you want, then let us know. If you would like information, we are always more then happy to help out. Our team can provide samples, and give advice on print methods.

Plastisol inks are the most common type of ink used when printing. This is the type of ink that you can feel on the shirt. We use a soft hand, more opaque type of ink that allows for a comfortable print that doesn't feel heavy. This type of ink produces a solid print that will last.

We also offer water based inks. This is the type of ink that dyes the shirt and leaves a print you can not feel. You can achieve bold prints that are dyed into the fabric. When printing onto colored shirts, especially black, a discharge additive is needed. This removes the dye of the shirt and leaves behind the color dye you want the print to be.

Our minimum for orders is 50 shirts, but there are price breaks as you order more! Our standard turn around time on most orders is 6-8 business days plus shipping. If you need them in a quicker turn around, let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate. Depending on the turn around, there may be rush charges to expedite your order.

Order Details:

  • Submit art as a high resolution .pdf or preferably a vector image such as .ai
  • If you need your art cleaned up, our team can turn your graphics into vector images for a fee
  • Full color art will require a graphic design fee to separate colors and set up films
  • You can mix up the colors of your order as long as there are 25 of each color shirt
  • If the graphic stays the same, you can change the ink color for $25 per screen
  • There are no set up fees, they are rolled into the print cost
  • Darker shirts tend to need an under base, which increase the screen count

Have questions? Ready to place an order? Email our screen printing department to get started! 


Our minimum order is 25 garments for a 1-3 color print and 75 for a 4+ color print. However, your first “real” price break will be at 75 units. Anything lower than that and your ultimately paying a much higher price per unit for your job.
We don’t have any hidden fees and don’t charge separately for setting up your job.
Sizes & Styles - Yes as long as the print image is exactly the same. We reserve the right to say “hey man that won’t work”

Colors - Yes as long as they are in the same hue. You cannot print the same image on light and dark shirts with out at least changing the ink colors if not the entire design…It just doesn’t look right.
Yes as long as the design stays the same. There is a 25 unit minimum order per color change and each color change is a $25 charge per location.
Our max print size is 12x15 / Women’s prints are 10x15 / Oversized prints are 12x18 / Jumbo prints are 15x22. Additional charges apply for Oversized and Jumbo prints.
Yes we print on a wide variety of garments. The max print size on the average woman’s shirt is 10x15. Keep in mind that the print has to be the same size / same design. Every time we have to set up or re-set up a change its considered a different order.
Our standard turn time is 5-7 business days for 1-3 color jobs and 7-10 days for 4+ colors. The clock doesn’t start ticking until the day after payment is made and print ready art is received.
Yes we offer rush service but we do charge for it. Typically it runs an additional $1 per day / per imprint location. In other words if you have a front & back print and need it 2 days quicker that would be a $4 per unit rush.
We prefer 300dpi Vector PDF or Tiff Files. If you cannot get vector files we can use raster PDFs, Tiffs, or Jpgs. Full color art will require extra art charges to separate the colors for printing. Remember poor art in = Poor art out. So if you want a crisp print submit cleaned up files.
Don’t worry! In most cases we can recreate your design for $25-$75 per image. We also are designers so we can design your shirt from scratch. T-Shirt designs start at $150 and vary depending on the complexity and usage of the image.
We use both plastisol and water-based inks. Plastisol is a thicker more opaque print, while water-based has a more vintage look to it. Plastisol is more durable of an ink, where with water-based prints you will notice some fading after the first wash. Plastisol has a plastic texture to the print area, and water-based you cannot feel after the 1st wash.
Under-base and Discharge are a base coat of white used on darker garments so that the other colors printed on top “pop” off the dark background. Imagine primer for painting a wall - if you don’t prime the wall the paint is dulled by the coat of paint under it. The difference between an under-base and discharge is that discharge actually “bleaches” the pigments of the shirt to a bone white allowing a softer less thick print to be applied on top. Discharge is typically used with water-based inks printed on top of it. Finally discharge ONLY works with 100% cotton garments and its consistency of white cannot be guaranteed because of the different methods of dyeing of each t-shirt supplier.
Yes we do Pantone matching. It cost an extra $15 per color for the extra time it takes to mix the inks.
Yes we will send you a digital mock up of your design so you can approve placement and color. Once approved we will begin production based on that mock up. Clients that require a physical proof will be scheduled an hour block to stop by and approve the press proof. There is a $50 charge for physical proof as well as any additional charges that may apply if the client needs to change something on their end.
Yes but we cannot hold the presses until you reply. If you need a photo proof of the first print lets us know and we will communicate a time to “be on call” for the email. We cannot delay production more than 10 min with out charging a proofing fee.
Please communicate your deadlines with our staff and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We will call & email when your order is ready to pick up. If we are shipping your order we will email you the tracking numbers when we make the label(s).