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The Pitfalls Of Procreate

Posted by Marie Vargas on

The latest trend in digital art, Procreate and other illustration apps, pose problems for artists. While Procreate is a versatile and flexible tool for artists, it does not come with user-friendly instructions that bridge the gap between the artist and the print shop. In this weeks blog, we address and resolve the issues artists keep running into when trying to print their digital art files. Read more...this will be short and sweet. 

Procreate is an amazing tool for artists of all levels. It's versatile, easy to use, compact, travel friendly & fun. However...a lot of our clients and artists run into problems when they try to export their Procreate files to get them printed. Below are some instructions that can save you time and the headache of the "back and forth" with your go-to  print shop

A lot of the problems are caused in the beginning by not creating a print-ready canvas for your project. 

Creating A Print-Ready Digital File:

  1. When creating your custom canvas,
  2. Open the + sign at the top right-hand side,
  3. Select canvas size at the bottom of that drop down
  4. At the bottom left, change pixels to inches
  5. Enter the width and height (that you want it printed as)
  6. Enter your DPI (min. 300, preferably 600)
  7. Name your document
  8. Hit create

Know what format you're getting this printed in. For example, if you're wanting t-shirts, you want to do solid color fills, gradients can increase your cost of printing as well as reduce the boldness of the print when referring to t-shirtsEnamel pins and patches absolutely need to have color fills and all colors need to be separated by line work. For art printing and stickers, gradients are okay.

**Here come the bold & CAPITAL LETTERS to convey artificial yelling.**

  • DO NOT USE A SIMULATED TEXTURED BACKGROUND (Coffee stain is okay but do not use faux watercolor texture)

How To Save Your File:

  1. Select the wrench icon at the top left-hand
  2. Select share tab
  3. Select PSD or TIFF file from drop down
  4. Once you select the file type, a new screen will appear, allowing you the option to save your file on your iPad, google drive, or you can email your print shop directly. 

...More about saving files:

Different products are printed using different methods, you need to know what the final product(s) you want printed before you create and save your files. (i.e. stickersenamel pinspatchest-shirtskooziesart printsbusiness cards etc.)

For example, stickers don't need to be sized at 10x10 if your only printing a 3in. sticker, BUT if you plan on using that same file to print shirts or art prints, start with a larger file can always reduce the size but you cannot increase the size without a loss of quality. Remember, size does matter. ;)

When saving for art prints, stickers, or any other paper printed products, including enamels pins and patches, save as a TIFF file. If you're exporting for screen printing, export it as a PSD and keep your individual layers. Check out the high/low res examples below. 

Have questions or need help? Email us

High Res 300dpi                                                 Low Res 72dpi    

High Res 300dpi

Low Res 72dpi

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