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The Dos & Dont's of Setting up Your Banner File (and one major Please for the Love of God DON'T)

Posted by Susannah Leigh Caviness on

Convention season is riding high! Between the  Northern Arizona Tattoo Fest, and Duke City Tattoo Fiesta in Albuquerque, we've seen our fair share of banner printing.

Here's a rush order we did for  Liz Miller of Relentless Tattoo this week: 

Time and time again, we receive banner files that are low-res, sized without bleed, screenshots of Instagram posts (I wish I was kidding), or files that are just plain WRONG. (It should be noted that Liz's banner order went off without a hitch).

Now, we love our clients. We really, really do. We wouldn't be here without them. But, some of y'all seriously kill us with this one mistake and we can't help but laugh (and cry) every single time:

If you order a  3'x5' banner, please do not send us an image that is sized 3" x 5". It's not the same thing. It's just not. You gotta come through with the 36" x 60" PDF. I know we all work long hours, and the brainspace may not be thinking clearly after a 12 hour day. But, from now on, let's submit our banner images in FEET and not INCHES. Our FAQ covers in detail some file setup tips for banners, as well as all other digital printing (flyer printingsticker printingposter printing, all the printing!)

Here's a little cheat sheet to help you set up that banner file!

-Make sure your design is in CMYK and designed at 300 DPI. 

-Remember, size your image the size you want it to print. For example, a 4x6' banner should be 48x72"

-Also, please give us some bleed room! It's always safe to add an extra 2-3 inches on all 4 sides to give us room to cut, hem, and grommet. Your final size for a 4x6 banner should be 50x74

-PDFs or TIFF files work best and are preferred. Also, make sure your file is flattened. If you send us a layered PDF/PSD file, we sometimes do not have the same font library and your font may be substituted for something else, or images may be lost altogether. Yikes!

-Please keep all your logos, text, and images 4" (INCHES!) away from the edge. This helps to ensure that nothing gets cut off in the trimming process, or that hem lines don't go through your actual design. 

Want to give it a try? Take 10% off your banner order from now until next Friday (7/15) using the code BANNERBLOG


Still need help? Just let us know - that's what we are here for! Pick up the phone or shoot us an email if you have questions or concerns on how to submit your banner print file.

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