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SXSW Marketing Tips from Mindzai Creative

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It's almost that time again, folks. We're talking SXSW festival— one of the biggest and baddest places for artists, musicians, filmmakers and the like, to see and be seen. Some of the most talented, creative people in the world flock to Austin for this annual festival, and here at Mindzai Creative, we're happy to have a front-row seat to the action. 

Like we said, this is the event to be seen, especially by influential speakers, brands and companies. In 2014 alone, over 400,000 people attended, which means that if you're looking to create a buzz in your industry, then this is the place to do it. But maybe you're unsure of where to start. Maybe you have severe budget restrictions, or maybe you just aren't too marketing savvy and need a bit of a nudge. Whatever the reason, we have you covered.

In order to stand out and get your work, or your brand known, you need to generate a few ways to spread the word—a basic, grassroots approach that people can really get behind. Here are a few tips for kicking off your SXSW marketing plan with style.

Start with Something Small.

Ask anyone who has ever attended SXSW festival, and they'll be sure to mention the over-the-top outdoor promotions that most companies are involved in. But these are usually for larger companies who have insane marketing budgets, or already have a loyal following. You really don't have to go big or go home. Start with something small; sometimes that makes the biggest impact. Koozies, keychains, sunglasses or other promo items are affordable and easy to pass out. It doesn't have to necessarily blow people away in order to stick with them.  Give us a call and we can help you with a custom quote on all your promotional items.

Be Seen. Often.

There will be so many events going on in such a large city, it'll be hard to cover everything at once. But, you can always start a roving campaign and be in a ton of different places at once. We're talking car wraps, people! Wrapping you car, or creating a magnet for your car (if you don't like the permanence of a wrap—we gotchu), is a simple way to be seen everywhere. Maybe you don't have any graphics or designs on hand to just whip into a magnet, not many people do. You can head on over to Mindzai Creative and have one of our insanely talented graphic designers or illustrators create the perfect branded style for you or your business.

Social Media is Your Friend.

Lately, social media is catching some flack for taking too much of everyone's time. But let's be honest, is that really gonna stop anyone from tweeting or hash-tagging their lives away? No. So what that means is that SXSW will have some specific hashtags that you need to know. These are the easy bread-and-butter of the social media game for the festival and you need to jump on that bandwagon fast. Tweet, snap photos, upload Facebook posts from around town and use the hell out of those hashtags. You may just gain some new followers and fans.

Taking in Back Old School.

Having a social presence is pretty huge nowadays, but so is having a physical presence. People are often trying to be so damn creative, that they forget how simple and effective flyersbanners, and stickers are. How many times have you been to a bathroom in an Austin bar and saw a sticker that caught your eye. It just friggin' works. Here at Mindzai, we can design your very own set of old-school marketing materials—we're talkin' flyers, t-shirts, stickers, posters. You name it, we can do it. Hand those puppies out on 6th street. Sticker up the bars, or throw free t-shirts into the crowd. Don't overthink your strategy. 

Business Cards are Not Just for Patrick Bateman.

Okay granted, there are going to be a lot of douchebags everywhere handing out business cards, spilling drinks, and making rude comments to women...but that doesn't need to be you. But having a business card means that you are connected, branded, and excited to spread the word about yourself, or what you're representing. Having business cards on-hand during SXSW is crucial. You never know who you're going to run into, who you're going to be standing next to by the restrooms, who you're going to sit behind at 2am while you're waiting for a pulled pork sandwich. Here at Mindzai, we can design you a business card that will rock everyone's socks while also throwing a bit of your own personality into the mix.

So there you have it. Some basic guidelines to kickstart your SXSW marketing plan. Like we said, it doesn't have to be crazy, over-the-top stuff in order to get the word out about your or your business. You can keep it simple, straightforward, and often see the best results. We'd love to help you out for any of your SXSW marketing needs. Head on over to our shop and take a look at what we've got.

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