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How to Print from Procreate

Posted by Mindzai Creative on

How to Print From Procreate

Procreate is a great tool for digital illustration and can be used to create art prints, stickers, shirts and more. Some of the template settings in Procreate come out low resolution, so avoid this mess and start fresh with a 300 dpi template and export artwork that is print-ready! 

A high resolution and print ready file must be created at 300 dpi (dots per resolution). DPI measures how many dots fit into an inch. The higher the dpi, the sharper your image will be! Resolution is usually set when a file is first created or at the start of the scanning process. Properly setting the DPI will ensure that the art print comes out sharp and captures as much of the original colors and details as possible. Instead of setting up your files from the templates they already have, create a custom canvas using these steps: 

1) Create A Custom Canvas

2) Set Custom Canvas size (choose the size you want your artwork printed at) and Set to 300 DPI

3) Finish your Artwork & Export

4) Choose your type of file! Print-Ready files can be exported as a .jpg, .pdf, or .tiff

5) You've now successfully created a print ready file. Email your artwork or save it down! 

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