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Giclee vs Digital Prints- Pros and Cons

Posted by Mindzai Creative on

One of the common questions we get from clients is what is the difference between the digital prints and the giclee archival prints. So, we figured we would clear up any confusion so you can make the best decision for your prints!

Our giclee printing is one of the best print reproduction methods available. It is a process that uses a 12 color ink jet printer, acid free papers, and pigment based archival inks. This insures that your prints will never degrade or yellow over time and allows a better longevity. Giclee printing allows the artist to provide a quality product for their customers that will never fade. We can also print up to 5ft wide and 100 ft long with this method, which is great if you are looking for large, high quality prints. Mindzai can also print giclee on canvas (mounting and stretching available upon request). Giclee printing is priced per sq. ft and includes color matching in the product price. The best way to provide the most accurate reproductions is for clients to mail the original artwork to our Austin office where these products are printed. While it's not ideal for artists put their original art in the hands of any shipping company, this is the only way to provide 100% match on the prints.  Or if you don't feel comfortable doing that, get a high quality scan and email us the file. If your print file is a scan of original artwork, please upload a digital photo of your original painting. This will help us ensure that the prints are acceptable before we print and ship the entire order. Be sure to color correct any scan so it is an exact replication of the original piece.

Giclee is definitely a great option, but if you are looking for something a little cheaper, we also provide great digital prints! Digital prints are offered on watercolor paper, comic paper (think street poster) or high gloss photo paper. Digital printing is our most affordable method of printing. Digital printing is as simple as printing at Kinko's but with a better attention to detail and superior paper options and print quality. However, it is only a four color process versus the giclee which is a 12 color process. This means that color matching is not guaranteed and there is a chance the detail and color could be up to 10% off the original piece. Scans must be at least 300dpi and saved as a TIFF in RGB format with LZW Compression. If this option is not available a JPEG or PDF file will work too. Please open your scans and make sure they look correct, sized right, and cleaned up around the borders. From there just email or upload your graphics with your order and we will do the rest. If you cannot get your original scanned - you can mail it to us (call first to figure out which location to ship to) and we will scan, clean up, and size your artwork for printing for a $25 fee per original. 

So, if you are looking for longevity and are willing to pay a little extra per print, giclee printing is the way to go. If you are looking for something a little affordable then digital printing is a great alternative. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when placing your next print order!