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5 Uses for Postcards & Flyers

Posted by Susannah Leigh Caviness on

Flyers were one of the first printed product Mindzai ever offered! Back in the day, Mindzai was a recording studio but the demand for flyers was there. Lots of musicians and promoters needed ways to market their events when the age of social media hadn't quite blossomed to what it is today. Long story short, we know a thing or two about marketing and how to do it with postcards and flyers.

Mindzai offers so many different kinds of custom  printed postcards, and we can offer some insight on which product is better suited for your needs! Here's a list of 5 different printed needs that you can use either our 12pt flyers or 16pt printed flyers for.

1.Marketing a Show or Event

First of all, duh. This is the very reason why this was invented! Our 12pt flyers are perfect for getting the word out quickly, because we print them same day, or within 24-48 hours. We know that time is money! 12pt, standard flyers are a standard thickness, and are digitally printed at a low cost to you. This printed product is most popular with venues and talent buyers/promoters.

2. Extra Flair for your Small Business

Flyers and postcards are a lot like business cards (and hey! We print those too!). If you run a small business, Etsy or Big Cartel shop then you know that a little extra goes a long way. At Mindzai, we print small 3x5 extra thick postcards that say "Thank You!" and drop them into orders. I always love receiving small, personal notes and this is our way of just saying how appreciate we are of orders.

Atlanta jeweler Asha Patel, went the double extra mile and added gold foil to her postcards. This was a nice touch to highlight her product line! While this is custom by request, it is only available on our thick, 16pt premium postcards.

3. A Purchasable Product

Our extra thick flyers and postcards can double as pieces of art! While we do print digital watercolor prints and giclee art prints, you can also make mini art prints with this product.

Artist and paper goods company Native Bear, used our 16pt premium postcards in a matte finish as a new purchasable product from her Shopify store. She was even cool enough to donate proceeds of each one to local and national charities!  

4. An Actual... Postcard

Also, duh! You can totally mail them! 4x6 is the max size you can do for a mailed postcard, and it just so happens it's a standard size we offer. One of my favorite things is to dig into boxes of old postcards at antique and vintage stores. Who knows, maybe a postcard YOU printed will be reveled at years from now!

Our good friends at Criminal Records printed some postcards recently. They're available for free at their Atlanta location. We also printed a TON (thousands!) of postcards for the Women's March that went out to Senators and Representatives all over the Nation.

5. Wedding Save the Dates and Invites

We'll be honest. Sometimes working with Brides is an absolute nightmare. I'm about to be one so I'm allowed to say that. But we get it. It's YOUR big day and you want it to be perfect, you've got every right to be picky! When recently looking up invitation suites I had some literal LOL moments looking at the price tags! You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for a handful of Save the Dates. We have so many different types of stocks, finishes, and thickness (and you already saw that gold foil!). 

Custom envelopes are also available on request. Your best bet here is to come by one of our print studio locations, or to email us so that we can provide you with the proper customer service. Like I said, I know you're gonna be picky and we want to be able to help you the best we can! ;)

Get creative! There are so many other possibilities, and we're happy to help however we can. Mindzai Creative is both an Atlanta Print Shop and Austin Print Shop, servicing the entire United States as well. Most printed flyers ship straight to you in just a few days, or you can pick up from one of our two locations. Order custom flyers and postcards 24/7 on our online shop! 


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