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5 Tips To Make Extra Money at Conventions

Posted by May Sun on

5 Tips To Make Extra Money at Conventions

Every year thousands of tattoo artists and fans come together to celebrate the art of tattooing. Tattoo conventions are held around the world from Austin, Texas to London, England. From small conventions to the world stage, It's the best time to meet future clients and learn from the best in the game. As an artist, you'll get the opportunity to market yourself and show off your artwork. 

In a sea of booths, banners are one of the best ways to attract attention. Many artists use banners to represent their studio and their brand. Keep in mind that you'll be busy tattooing, so let your banner and marketing materials do all the talking. Include your artwork, your IG handle, website, studio name, etc. Unique banners will help you stand out! Vinyl or fabric banners are great options and easy to travel with. Vinyl banners are weather resistant while fabric banners are very light and easy to pack up. 

Selling merch is the best way to make some extra money at conventions. Set up your booth like a storefront! Include art prints, pins, patches, shirts, and branded merch. For art prints, giclee prints usually sell for a higher price due to it's quality (made for true art collectors). Digital art prints are also a solid option you can offer at a lower price point. 

Shirts, pins, and patches are also very sell-able items to stock up on. These are a great way to market yourself as well. Offering some promo items like stickers, koozies, and tote bags can also help bring clients to your booth. 

As an artist, conventions give you the opportunity to work around the world. It'll help you network for guest spots, meet fans, and gain new clients. Pick your favorite city, get your best artwork ready, and start printing! 

It's time to outfit your booth! 

Here's a checklist of merch and marketing materials that will help you profit: 


Reproduce your flash sheets and artwork. Print them via giclee or digital style. Giclee prints usually sell for more because they are 99% true to the original & printed on archival quality art paper. Digital prints are a great economical option for something quick and solid. Click here for more info on giclee vs. digital prints.


Put your art, IG handle, and contact info on stickers. Sell from your booth, hand them out like biz cards (put your info on the back), and go guerrila marketing! Starting a sticker campaign is a fast and effective way to reach thousands of people with just a handful of stickers. Express your brand with an array of different shapes, sizes, stock, and colors. 


Shirts and totes sell. You'll also get repeat exposure of your design and logo every time your clients wear your tees or use your tote bags, so it's a win-win! Totes are also a great alternative to plastic bags and your clients will probably need something to hold all their new swag. 


Pins and Patches are a trendy and creative way to brand your shop. They are an easy sell at a tattoo convention. Fairly affordably for you to mark up and re-sell, your customers will be excited to sport your design on their jackets or backpack.


This is the time to market yourself and network. Make sure you have some banners that are eye catching & shop flyers that people can take with them. Vinyl and Fabric banners are great options for signage (fabric banners are light and easy to travel with). Be sure to put your IG or contact info on these banners! You'll be busy tattooing, so let your banners and flyers do all the talking. 

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