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5 Tips for Surviving Covid-19

Posted by Team Mindzai on

5 Tips for Surviving Covid-19

We're all sick of people telling us how times are hard, because by this point we definitely know it. We've had our fair share of ups and downs here at Mindzai as well and through the process of adapting and pivoting have learned a few things we wanted to share with our community of fellow artists and business owners struggling to make sense of it all.

Here are five quick tips to help out - feel free to give us a reply with your own experiences as well!

1) Apply for Unemployment Today!

If you filed a tax return in 2018 or 2019 you are entitled to unemployment even if you are Self Employed / Independent Contractor. In addition to the small local unemployment check the federal will kick in $600 a week. Yes, $2400 a month in federal funding even if you only get $1 from your local office. Check here for details on unemployment and small business aid.

2) Apply for all the government grants possible.

The local and federal government agencies are still rolling out funding to help with Covid-19. Take 2 hours to research and apply for every single program. From Google Ads to various employment stipends, there are a ton of opportunities out there for specific industries and business profiles that are just a search away.

3) If you cant get a grant, get a loan!

See #2 above. Rates are unbelievable and while you will be taking on more debt, this could help you get through to brighter days. We never want to forget about the big picture, but this is one of those times where taking it day-by-day can be a key to overall survival

4) Dont stop marketing!!!

Pivot your message, adapt your services, and get lean. Hopefully all businesses owners care for the welfare of their employees, but as an owner your loyalty is to the survival of the business first. If the business fails all the employees are out of a job. Furlough all non-essential employees (See #1 above) They will be ok...We have actually helped our employees apply for unemployment as well as advised them so they can get the maximum benefits possible, and that assistance has been key to keeping morale high. This is not your fault, but it is your responsibility to get your business through this mess #BeALeader

5) Dont give up!

2020 is going to continue to suck...but if everyone works together we will make it thru this. Set yourself up for the best 2021 possible. Check out our custom face-masks and bandanas today for the perfect giveaways or merch items.

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