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Ordering Custom Stickers

Posted by Stephania Biondo on

Stickers are a cost effective and efficient marketing tool to help expand your brand.

We understand it might be a bit overwhelming placing your first order, so here's a few tips and explanations to guide you through the process of ordering custom stickers online.

1) Quality is key. 

Your artwork is THE most important thing! Whether you're selling your stickers as merchandise or labeling products, the number one thing you want your brand to resonate is QUALITY. That is why we ask our clients to send us CMYK, high resolution files that are at least 300 DPI. If possible, try to send a vector file to achieve the cleanest outcome for your custom stickers. Ask yourself...would you want your clients' first impression to be a label that is blurry? Or a crisp and clean image? Spend that extra time on your art. It'll make a world of difference. 

2) What type of shape should you choose?

That is 100% up to you. We can do square cutrectanglecircledie cut, and kiss cut. Not familiar with the last two? Die cut simply means that we create a custom shape around your image. Kiss cut is when the blade cuts just deep enough so that it's through the vinyl, but not all the way through the paper backing (a sticker sheet would be multiple kiss cuts on a single sheet). In order to decide what to order for your custom stickers , ask yourself...does it compromise the art? Try tracing around the image. What do you think works better? For specific art, sometimes it's ok to order a square sticker even though it's an illustration or drawing. Have you thought about combining multiple drawings on a sheet for a fun custom sticker sheet? Custom is the name of the game, so have fun with it and think out of the box!


3) Don't worry about the setup!

Here at Mindzai Creative, we want to do the work for you! Not that we think you can’t do it, but so you're spending less time stressing about the details. Orders go through faster and are better streamlined when you leave the process to us. We'll review your file, digitally prepare the cut line, and get your stickers into production ASAP! The best part? The dieline setup cost is already included in your sticker order, so there are no added or hidden fees.

4) Greater in numbers.

Because we're setting up these files and testing them out, we start at a base minimum of 100 stickers per image/order. Trust us though, 100 stickers go fast! Check out our pricing and you'll notice that we give price breaks. So the more you order, the more you save!


5) Choose the right stock for your project.

Our standard is white vinyl with UV coating. UV coating is primarily for an extra layer of protection. Essentially it helps it be more weather proof. This is a must if your stickers are going to be outside, on your phone, or if your intentions include longevity. If the purpose of your stickers is more temporary or you don't want them glossy, you can always request uncoated stickers. However, we do have more options, including shiny and new foil stickers  that we have introduced to our site. We have gold, silver, rainbow, and rainbow mosaic. These are a fun way to spice up your brand and make your custom stickers stand out. However, we STRONGLY recommend that you order these with the foil as a background or with a white border/negative space around your design. The reason being that since the stock is so thin, we've noticed that trim to art foil stickers result in the stickers raising due to the heaviness of the ink. Design the stickers to have less solid color, and more of the foil.

6) Need something custom that's not on the site?

We want to make our clients happy and their brands proud. So whatever you need for your custom sticker order, we will do our best to provide it. Whether it’s paper stock labels on rolls for your food truck, embossed stickers for your wedding invitations, or red foil mosaic stickers for your band, just email us with what you're envisioning, and we'll make it happen.

Now that we’ve gone through the most common questions about our stickers, you should be ready to place your online order with us! Feel free to sign up for our newsletter as well as we are always running promotional specials. If you’re still unsure about what to order and how, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us directly for more hands on assistance. We’re happy to help!

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