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Currency - All prices are in AUD
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Mindzai Creative


We only accept flattened PDF, TIFF, or JPEG files unless otherwise specified. Layered TIFFs and PDFs can lose elements when opened by computers other than the one used to design the files. We are not responsible for inaccuracies due to files submitted with layers & transparencies. Please do not send us screenshots, either. That's just crazy.
Create and save your files in 300 DPI CMYK format unless specified in the product description. Giclees, for example, should be RGB. Please keep in mind that all logos and images placed in your design should be 300 DPI as well.  You cannot convert low resolution files (72-150 DPI) to 300 DPI. Low resolution files will print blurry and text will be illegible. Again, stop sending us screenshots or Android photos of your drawing.
Please size your artwork to be .125" over your final trim size unless specified differently in the product description. For example, if you ordered a 4" x 6" flyer, the artwork submitted should measure exactly 4.125" x 6.125". Watercolor prints and stickers should have a .25" bleed instead. This additional artwork, in print speak, is known as the "Bleed". It prevents a thin white edge from appearing on your final printed piece once trimmed down.  Do not include crop marks in your design - We are not responsible for errors in the final print work due to the client including crop marks in their designs, nor do we have time to edit out crop marks on every client that submits their files improperly. We are busy people!

Additionally, we require .25" "safe zone" from the cut line. i.e. All important text and logos must be at least .25" inches away from our 4" x 6" cut line. This ensures that no important elements of your design are cut during the finishing process.
It is preferable that you do not do this. Borders and frames look great on your computer screen but can cause nightmares with the quality of your final product. NIGHTMARES.  If a border is too thin, or a frame is too close to the cut line, even the slightest "shift" in the printing & cutting process will be very noticeable.  We do not recommend designing with borders and frames, but if you are dead set on it please make your borders at least .5" thick and bleed your frames off the edge of the design making them at least .5in thick too.  Thin borders and "floating" frames that do not bleed are just a measuring stick for minor inaccuracies. But really, just don't do it.
Rich black is an ink mixture of solid black, 100% K, with additional CMY ink values. This results in a darker tone than black ink alone. If you print black alone as 100% K, the resulting black may not be as dark as you might like. We recommend using:
C 60 M 40 Y 40 K 100 - This will give you a deep, dark, rich black. Nearly vantablack!
When using a blue in your design, especially royal blue, always make sure to leave at least a 30% difference in your Cyan and Magenta values.
Blue is close to purple in the CMYK spectrum. Remember, use a low amount of magenta whenever using high amounts of cyan to avoid purple. EXAMPLE: C-100 M-70 Y-0 K-0
We typically do not proof client provided graphics. All graphics should be flattened and sent using all the correct methods above, which we KNOW you've read -- thus, no proof is necessary. All graphics should be proofread and approved before they are submitted. Mindzai is not responsible for design errors or spelling mistakes on client provided files.  If you require a printed proof before printing, please notify your sales rep. Physical proofs are $10 but can vary depending on the size and quantity of the proofs you need. As a courtesy, we do send "color strip" proofs of Giclee prints, and mock ups for all screen printing orders.
Just because the size isn't on our website, doesn't mean we can't print it! We can print and trim to just about any size imaginable.
Please no. Do not include crop marks on your print work. We trim 1/16th - 1/8th inch off of all print work, so the final trim size will not be exactly that of the artwork submitted. If you need specific cuts please notify us at the time you place your order and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
We are not responsible for damages and theft due to third party shipping companies or the shady people in your neighborhood. If there is an issue with your package, please contact us, along with your tracking information so that we can help you open a claim. We are also not responsible for delivery delays due to weather. We also cannot tell Fedex/UPS/USPS what time to deliver your package during the day.
Our previous Atlanta studio was torn down to make room for Atlanta's brand new gentrification process of mixed-use condominiums. We are currently open at 1390 McLendon Ave M-F 10am-6pm. We are available for walk-ins and to help answer your questions. We *do not* print most of our products in Atlanta during this transitional phase, but we do print some. We are actively seeking a new condo-free facility, but our McLendon shop serves as an open studio space where you can come see our shining, beautiful faces. You may choose to pick up your order from us here, but you will still be charged a shipping fee. If you're in Atlanta, please add one extra day to our standard turn times.
While we print most of our products in house (stickers, art prints, flyers, posters, brochures, apparel, some other stuff), there are some things that we do not print in house. We have access to the best trade pricing out there, so be assured you're still receiving the fairest price and quickest turn time for your print product. Don't be weird about it!
We accept just about every form of payment, but it must be made in full, up front. There are no exceptions. This goes for graphic design and all print work. We don't work for free, and we certainly don't work on your "good intention" to pay us "later" or when you "get paid." Major credit cards and Paypal are preferred. 
Unless you are willing to pay for an employee's personal phone bill, we do not text clients for any reason. We are honestly shocked that people ask us this.
Probably nothing, but please call us immediately. Due to our day-to-day volume, we work really quickly to process print orders and set them up for production. This means jobs move very quickly, and once files are prepped and set up, it's usually too late to go back! PLEASE make sure you triple-quadruple check all your graphics before submitting an order.
Bummer. We hoped it wouldn't come to this. Should you feel that you require a refund, please email susannah(at) with all details, and a tribunal will determine your fate. Should a refund be required, they are issued within 5 business days.
o sorry! If we left you out, please contact us and someone will get back to you within one business day.